Today in Motorcycle History

New Courier Motorcycles by the Chilton Brothers

of Wolverhampton

"We also noticed a motor tricycle, the "New Courier," manufactured by Messrs. CHILTON BROS. of Wolverhampton. This machine is provided with a one and a half horsepower petrol motor with electric ignition. The oil charge will last fifty miles. What is practically a Starley differential axle is used, which performs the triple duties of bearing case, axle bridge, and gear box, and the frame arrangement as a whole is very neat indeed."
From the Crystal Palace Motor Show November 1898.

There is a report of the 1899 Crystal Palace show, but it does not mention the Chilton Brothers. "The New Courier Cycle Company produced a De-Dion powered motor tricycle in 1899 at Alexander Street, Wolverhampton," with a single front wheel and two rear. They had pale blue frames with white lining, and dark blue upholstery.

The New Courier name reappeared after the Great War as the product of another Wolverhampton company, the manufacturers of the Olympic.

Sources: Graces Guide, History Website UK

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