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Contrast-JAP was a motorcycle produced in 1912.

Little information is available regarding this marque as it was a rare make not seen at shows or found on lists. One ran in a 1912 trial organised by the Ilkley club. It was possibly built by a local firm who used a 3½ hp OHV JAP engine and typical cycle parts, with frame components from Sun, Brampton forks, and a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub.

The JAP 350 twin engine fitted is exceptionally uncommon, and it appears that as few as three were built for competition, this being the only known survivor.

The motorcycle was recently found near Barcelona where it had been raced in the mid teens, and has since been restored.

Hazlewood listed a 3½ JAP SV twin for 1912/1913 which ran an Armstrong 3-speed hub, but there is no evidence of another marque using the OHV version.

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Recently restored, the only one surviving 350cc JAP v-twin powered see this page for images & info:
and this page for engine before restoration:
Geoff Stray

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