Today in Motorcycle History

Coventry Motor Mart

Coventry Motor Mart of 86 London Road, Coventry

  • 1920 CMM produced motorcycles in 1920. After the end of World War I, personal transport was in great demand and CMM offered a machine that was basic in both outline and specification. The simplest model had a 269 / 292cc Union two-stroke engine with direct-belt drive to the rear wheel. A more expensive model could be specified, with a two-speed Burman gearbox, and belt final-drive. More expensive still was the addition of both kick-starter and clutch.

    Conventional in outline, the lightweight machines would have been made for the Motor Mart by one of the many motorcycle manufacturers in the area. They would then have been sold with the CMM transfer on the tanks.

    The firm remained in business well into the 1960s at which time they sold BSA motorcycles.

Source: Graces Guide

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