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Dalton and Wade

Dalton and Wade of Coventry Daw was a motorcycle produced in 1902 by Dalton and Wade of Coventry. Charles Dalton was born in Coventry, and Francis Wade in Beeston.[1]

The 2¾ hp engines were made under licence from Minerva in a range of sizes. They also offered their own motorcycle for a short period.

In 1903 they offered aircooled engines of 1¾, 2¼, 2¾ hp and a water-cooled version of 3¾ hp. The motorcycle was not mentioned.

Maker of cars from 1906.

The firm is unrelated to Dalton Motor Co of Manchester nor to DAW of Germany.

Source: Graces Guide

115. Dalton and Wade, Coventry, have a complete show of motors castings, accessories and Minerva tank flumes. Some excellent aluminium radiator castings of special design are well worth inspection. Sections of cylinder castings, gun metal, lubricator castings are also shown. Motor for cycles of 1¾, and 2¼ and 2¾ h.p., thoroughly well made and finished, will interest the trade

1902 Stanley Show in Motor Cycling, November 26th, 1902. Page 275

Notes: 1. Damien Kimberley, 'Coventry's Motorcycle Heritage', p.40 (Courtesy Graham Clayton)

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