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Dart Motorcycles by F. E. Barker

Dart was a motorcycle produced in 1901 by F. E. Barker of Dern Gate, Northampton.

As it was built only that year, few of these machines would have been made and it would have been typical of the era in style. This basic motorcycle was fitted with a 1½ hp Minerva or 2½ hp MMC engine mounted inclined above the downtube. It had standard bicycle forks and the rear wheel was belt driven.

The Minerva-powered Dart was very similar to the Brown of the same year.

Source: Graces Guide

N.B. There was also a Dart built in Coventry, 1923/24. See Dart Engineering

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1901 Dart
Hi, I own this bike and have done extensive research. The Dart was originally a Brown. F E Barker reached many machines and every one of them was called Dart, despite them being rex, Minerva and charter leah etc
I have adverts from Brown Brothers ltd and my dart is definitely a Brown. I have lots of information on this bike and maker if you want me to forward on to you
Frank Barker Remembered

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