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1924 Dart-JAP 654cc twin

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Dart 1924 JAP 654cc V-twin Engine

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Dart Engineering Company, 314A Stony Stanton Road, Coventry

Dart were motorcycles produced from 1923 to 1924 to a design by A. A. Sidney, who had previously worked for William Beardmore and Co. Manufacture later moved to Bristol.

The company was principally concerned with engine production and hoped to find enough interest in order not to manufacture complete motorcycles, but did so for a short period.

1923 A machine was produced, priced £85. The 348cc engine had an overhead camshaft driven by three long cranks spaced at 120 degrees and driven by eccentrics on a timing pinion in mesh with the crankshaft pinion. The firm also adopted its own carburettor, which had a flat slide. In May of that year a Dart was entered at Brooklands, in the 'Century' races, without much success. Later that year the business was operating from an address in Bristol.

1924 The first example of a Dart-engined model by an established manufacturer was seen in the New Scale from Manchester. The engine now had the camshaft driven by roller chain, concealed in an aluminium case on the right side of the cylinder barrel, similar to the later AJS pattern. New Scale was short-lived and Dart was seemingly unable to find other outlets, so the name soon disappeared.

N.B. There was also a Dart built in Northhampton in 1901. Dart (1901)

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