Whirlwind Motorcycles

Dorman Engineering Co was situated in Northampton and built D.E.C. Engines. The firm was established around 1899 by Thomas Phipps Dorman and used patents held by Horace Walter Dover, who left the company to form his own selling motor and cycling accessories. He was very successful.

  • Whirlwind were motorcycles produced by them. The company produced a few primitive machines that were typical of the era. The engine was hung from the downtube or within the frame. They had belt drive and were of basic construction.

    The Whirlwind name was better known in the cycling trade, and many were sold to leading cyclists of the day. Dover was very inventive and later formed Dover Ltd which marketed many of his patents. His wife too was highly regarded and in 1920 was decorated by the King for her services.



    British Engine Builder
    Fitted to numerous British and European motorcycles.
    Bradshaw Engines

    W.H. Dorman & Co was a different company established in 1870 and based in Stafford which produced engines, among many other products. Sources: Graces Guide, period literature.

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