Gordon-Simplex Engineering Co

Gordon-Simplex was a motorcycle produced from 1921 to 1922, by the Gordon-Simplex Engineering Co of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and of Bournemouth in Hampshire.

The machine was fitted with a 689cc sv flat-twin Coventry-Victor engine, in-line with the frame. Attached to the engine was a Lamplugh mechanical pump that provided lubrication for it, the gearbox and the entire transmission, and all components were enclosed. A steel bonnet covered the engine and the machine was fitted with deep mudguards, wire-spoke wheels and spun-alloy discs.

The design was ultra-sleek and although illustrations were published, it is unlikely that any models left the production-line.

Gordon-Simplex 1920 with Disc Wheels

The Gordon-Simplex motor cycle, designed to protect the rider from mud and oil from the engine.

An Enclosed Flat Twin.

Comfort and Cleanliness the First Essentials in the New Gordon-Simplex Design.

A SERIOUS attempt to produce a machine on which the rider is protected from mud and oil from the engine has been made by the Gordon Simplex Engineering Co., of Aylesbury and Bournemouth. To attain this end the engine is enclosed in a cowl which gives to the mount a somewhat heterodox appearance, but without any tendency to freakishness. In addition to the engine cowl, large mudguards, leg guards and disc wheels are fitted which combined make the machine of the "hosable" type so long the ideal of many riders.

The engine is a Coventry Victor flat twin, which is fitted with a Lamplugh mechanical oil pump driven directly from, the camshaft, by means of which the engine, gear box and entire transmission are automatically lubricated. Several interesting features are embodied in this machine, with which we hope to deal more fully at a later date. These include a cantilever sprung seat and a theft-preventing device.

Every effort appears to have been made to give many of those luxuries that have long been desired.

The Motor Cycle September 16th, 1920. Page 331

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