1. Kestrel was a motorcycle produced in 1903. Few details are available.

It was a typical primitive with either a Minerva or a MMC engine fitted into a heavy-duty bicycle frame. Normally the engine hung from the downtube and it had direct-belt drive. It was probably built by a cycle dealer.

2. Kestrel was a moped produced in Southampton in 1980.

These machines were fitted with the Italian Minarelli engine hung from a spine frame. They were listed as the KRM50 in three forms: an automatic, four speeds, and with the addition of a fairing. The whole effect was neat and stylish, and although it was exhibited at the Earls Court Show late in 1980, nothing more was heard of it.

It seems as though the initial Kestrel design may have been based to some degree on the 50cc AJW Fox Cub, this page states that the final product orginated with LEM of Italy.

Source: Graces Guide

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