King Motorcycles (of Cambridge)

W. King and Co produced motorcycles from 1901 to 1905 in Cambridge.

1901 The firm initially produced tricycles but soon moved to motorcycles.

1903 They built a model that was a typical primitive. It had a 2¾ hp MMC engine mounted vertically, driving the rear wheel by belt. They also offered the option of 3½ hp or 4hp water-cooled engines.

1904 The engines for that year were 2¾ hp to 3½ hp from either DAW or MMC. Direct-belt drive or two speed and chain were available, and a forecar was listed.

1905 The company was short lived and nothing further was heard of it after that year.

Report from the 1903 Stanley Show

W. King and Co.'s Exhibits. This firm will have six motorcycles on show at the Stanley. Five of these will have M.M.C. engines and one will be fitted with a 3.75 h.p. water-cooled motor. There will also be a King "Twocar" fitted with two band brakes. Another machine will have a chain drive and two-speed gear allowing of a free engine. Amongst the novelties will be shown a combined stand and luggage carrier, a petrol gauge and drain tap, water tank and special radiator, etc.

The Motor magazine, 18th November 1902

Sources: Graces Guide, The Motor magazine.

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