Today in Motorcycle History

Lake and Elliot

of Albion Works, Braintree, Essex

Lake and Elliot, of Braintree in Essex, produced motorcycles from circa 1904 to 1905.

The company was well known for its general engineering products for car and motorcycle repair work, sold under the Millennium label.

They reputedly built a 3hp motorcycle in the Edwardian era, probably using proprietary components. They went on to become better known for other products, including hydraulic car jacks.

1937 Engineers and founders.

1963 Motor Show exhibitor. Hydraulic jacks

Report from the 1903 Stanley Show

Lake and Elliott have recently introduced a new lifting jack. This is known as the Type D. It is provided with a long handle giving quick adjustment and long range from 8.5in. to 21.5in. Stands and carriers and all classes of tools for constructing motorcycles will be shown at the Stanley.

Source: Graces Guide

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