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LGC Gundle Motorcycles and Tricycles

Leonard Gundle Motor Co of Hockley Street, Birmingham

    LGC were motorcycles produced by the company from 1928 to 1931, and in 1949. The firm originally made butchers' cycles and ice-cream trikes.

    1928 Motorcycles were added to the list of products when the company built three JAP-engined models. These were of 300cc sv and 346cc ohv, and the latter came in single or twin form. All drove either an Albion or a Burman three-speed gearbox, had a diamond frame and girder forks.

    1929 A model fitted with a 247cc Villiers engine was added.

    1930-1931 The small range continued, but then the company reverted to the production of bicycles.

    1949 After the war, the name returned on a tricycle powered by a 197cc Villiers engine with a three-speed gearbox. It had a conventional rear half, but the front had two wheels the same size as the one at the rear, and a seat was fixed between forecar from the early days. A commercial body was also available, but the project progressed no further.

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