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Manxman motorcycles were built in 1980 by Tony Dawson.

Most notable for its monocoque frame made from two plates of aluminium, this machine was first seen on Tormorrow's World. Built for road racing, it was successful in the 125cc class. Tony Dawson also made Astralite wheels in the same manner. The proposal was to use a series of Sachs engines from 125cc to 250cc, but the project failed due to lack of finance, although the production of wheels continued.

In 1981, the Manxman became the Scitsu.

Manxman was a motorcycle produced from 1989 to 1993 by Neville Evans of Port Talbot in west Glamorgan.

This was an attempt to produce a motorcycle similar to the Manx Norton but using the ohc engine as found in the Inter. Very like the original, it had a featherbed frame, Roadholder forks and Armstrong rear units. The front wheel had a Grimeca< hub housing a four-leading-shoe drum brake, while a Triumph conical hub went on the rear.

The engine was 499cc and in the style of the earlier Norton, but with many internal improvements using modern materials. The camshaft drive was by bevel gears and vertical shaft as always, but the valve rockers were enclosed, as were the coil springs adopted after early use of hairpins. With belt primary-drive to an AMC-type gearbox, four, five or six speeds were available.

Although the machine performed well, production was very limited.

Source: Graces Guide

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