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Marlow motorcycles were produced from 1921 to 1922 by E. S. Marlow of Emscote Road, Warwick, England.

The machines had 269cc Villiers Mark IV two-stroke and 292cc JAP sv engines with either single or two-speed belt drive.

Some accounts say they used 346cc and 409cc JAP engines, however the 1922 brochure mentions only the Villiers MkIV engine. The make was very short lived.


Again and again the Motor Papers and Colonial riders have called attention to Designers and Manufacturers to the absolute necessity of certain requirements on Motor Cycles to make them sound utility machines for all parts of the world.


The Designers of the Marlow-Villiers Motor Cycles have endeavoured to meet these improvements in conjunction with the home market.

(1) A careful study of the Specification will show that the units used in the construction of these machines are well known and of splendid quality, and obtainable in all parts of the world in regard to replacements.

(2) The Machines are soundly constructed, and at the same time light in weight, and will stand the hardest of wear.

(3) Ample ground-clearance, together with large diameter wheels and low seating position.

(4) Mudguards give good protection, at the same time, splendid clearance between the tyres, and prevents clogging.

(5) Large petrol and oil tank, together with the fine method of fixing to frame, but easily removed when required. All Machines for export are packed securely in enclosed packing cases which ensure them arriving in sound condition.

Another Marlow was produced in the same period by Marloe Motor Co of Birmingham.

Sources: Graces Guide, The Motor Cycle.

Tue May 30 2017
terrywilde at
Marlow 269cc Villiers Engine
I am looking for any info on a Marlow Motorbike made between 1920 and 1922

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Marlow 269cc Villiers Engine
I am looking for any info on a Marlow Motorbike made between 1920 and 1922

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1922 catalog for marlow-villiers
marlow-villiers mark IV
I have an original 1922 Marlow-Villiers sales 2 page info catalog with specifications and prices. Anyone interested

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