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Marloe Motor Co

Marloe Motor Company of Bordesley, Birmingham

Marloe were motorcycles produced from 1920 to 1921.

The first machines were step-through and were fitted with the 348cc Precision two-stroke engine and Burman two-speed chain-cum-belt transmission. Later models had 348cc and 499cc sv Blackburne engines and a choice of all-chain drive. Other specifications included the maker's own leaf-sprung front forks.

Marlow 2¾ h.p. 1921

The latest model Marlow is fitted with a 2¾ Blackburne engine and a 7in. rear mudguard. Several other detail improvements have been carried out.

Marlow Spring Fork 1921

The Marlow spring fork in which leaf springs replace the usual coils and leave the fork clear for wide guards.

A Single-cylinder Mediumweight

A 2¾ h.p. Engine and Novel Spring Forks.

To the many firms who are using the 2¾ h.p. Blackburne engine as a power unit there is yet another addition, Marloe Motor Cycle Co., of 131, Coventry Road, Bordesley, Birmingham, having recently introduced such a machine. Chain and belt drive with a two-speed Burman gear box form the transmission, a clutch and kick-starter being incorporated. The general specification follows that of previous Marloe models, but heavier gauge spokes and round base rims are now fitted, while a 7in. rear guard affords protection for the rider. Many little details go to show that the machine is the production of practical riders, and as examples we may quote the very large toolbag and the tank with all its fittings on one side so as to be instantly removable.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the machine is the new spring fork, in which leaf springs replace the more usual coil type.

Brazed to the main members of the fork blades are spring pads, which allow the leaf springs to start parallel with the head. The main leaves then curve forward, and are attached to an extension of the lower links by means of an elongated loop.

Thus the springs are easily cleaned, and do not interfere with the fitting of wide guards, and, in addition, it is claimed that they help to ensure rigidity on corners.

Fitted with 25in. x 2 3/8 in. Hutchinson tyres, a short stiff frame, and a choice of Amac, B. and B., or Senspray carburetter, the machine is an attractive proposition for the solo rider at the price of 100 guineas.

The Motor Cycle September 23rd, 1920. Page 374

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N.B. There was another marque of the same name made in the same period, see Marlow of Warwick.

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