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Marseel Engineering Co

Marseel Scooter 1920

The Marseel miniature, in which the engine is placed horizontally under the platform.

Marseel Engineering Company of Victoria Park, Coventry.

Marseel was a motorcycle produced in 1920. This machine was a small-wheeled scooter without suspension. It had a 232cc two-stroke engine positioned horizontally under the foot platform with CAV magneto and chain drive to the rear wheel. The seat, on an open framework, was a bicycle saddle. Priced at £33, few machines were made.

A pilot during WWI, Marendaz had a number of unsavoury episodes during his colourful career. He was briefly imprisoned during WWII as a supporter of Mosely's Fascist party (as was Fay Taylour); He claimed to have been Works Manager at T. G. John and Company (later Alvis), but police discovered on investigation that in fact he'd been employed there as a worker and was dismissed when it was it was found that another employee was clocking-in for him. Other run-ins with the law included fraud charges in South Africa.

"Staying in Coventry, he and one Charles Seelhoff established the Marseel Engineering Company during 1921 to manufacture their own cars and components. They had made a few prototypes of a new four-seat touring model by the time Seelhoff left in 1922, whereupon the firm’s name changed to Marseal. It produced some 500 vehicles between then and 1924, the range including two-seat, four-seat, coupé and sports variations with Coventry-Simplex and Anzani engines. Marendaz began competing at Brooklands and other motor racing venues, a useful way of promoting his products." ~ curious-case-mr-marendaz

March 2022

Graham Clayton writes in Comments, "Designer DMK (Donald Marcus Kelway) Marendaz was involved with the Marseal car in the early 1920's and then built sporting cars under his own name from the mid 1920's up to the mid 1930's."

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