Neal Motorcycles

Neal were motorcycles produced by S. G. Neal of Sparkbrook, Birmingham, from 1910 to 1922.

This firm assembled machines from bought-in parts, using Precision engines of various capacities. They were not listed or seen at shows and the motorcycles were typical of the era.

After the end of the First World War, they returned to the market with machines fitted with 318cc Dalm two-stroke engines. Post-war they were generally listed as Neal-Dalm, and as the bicycle trade was their main line of business, the previously small production of motorcycles soon ceased.

Also sometimes listed as Neall.

Source: Graces Guide

Thu Oct 09 2014
Luke.neal at
Neal Dalm
My family built the Neal Dalm bike and we are looking into the history. Do you know any more about it? Also if a bike existed what might it be worth these days? cheers, Luke Neal

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