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Newton-Villiers Motorcycles

Newton-Villiers motorcycles were produced by Newton Brothers of Levenshulme, Manchester, between 1920 and 1921.

The machine was a simple lightweight with single-speed belt drive, Brampton Biflex forks and the Mk IV 269cc Villiers two-stroke engine, with flywheel magneto.

The project was very short lived.

Newton-Villiers 1920

One of the cheapest machines on the market, the 2½ h.p. Newton-Villiers, which sells at well under £50.

The Low-priced Newton-Villiers.

One of the only lightweights proper that does not possess some form of gear changing mechanism, the Newton sells. at the remarkably low figure of £48. As the name implies, a Villiers flywheel magneto engine is fitted, and it may be stated that the other components are of the same high-class order. It is marketed by Newton Bros., Levenshulme, Manchester.

The Motor Cycle December 16th, 1920. Page 813

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