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Payne and Bates

The firm built motor cars in Foleshill Road, Coventry, from 1898 until 1902, when George Bates died as a result of injuries sustained in fall from one of their cars. The firm, which also built a variety of engines, had agencies in London, Aberdeen and Malmo, Sweden.

Godiva automobiles were produced by Payne and Bates of Coventry. These were also marketed by RM Wright of Lincoln as the Stonebow. Wright had been a bicycle racer.

Graces Guide states that the company "also produced a few primitive motorcycles fitted with an aiv engine and with either two or four wheels." However, evidence to substantiate the existence of motorcycles is aparse.

Sources: Graces Guide, Wikipedia NL.

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The Motor Cycle 1906 Index has this entry: "Payne’s Motor Tricycle Tandem, p.1820"

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