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Peerless Cyclecars


A few days ago we paid a visit to the works of Peerless Motors, Ltd., Bradford Street, Birmingham, and inspected a very neat little single-seated cycle car fitted with a 3½ h.p. Green water-cooled engine with water tank and petrol reservoir placed under the scuttle dash. The Green water-cooling system being embodied with the cylinder the bonnet of this little car is pointed in shape, and provided with openings through which the air can reach the radiators of the cylinder.

This firm has taken over the Rollo designs, and is now occupied in turning out a water-cooled model under the title of the Peerless. An 8 h.p. water-cooled engine is employed, this being placed under a taper bonnet with pointed radiator.

The Peerless Co. are also at work on an entirely new model cycle car which will be ready for exhibition at Olympia. The engine and gear box will form one unit, two speeds and reverse being fitted, while the transmission will be by propeller-shaft and differential.

The Motor Cycle, August 14th, 1913.

1. To date no other record of this Bradford Street company has surfaced. There are records of Peerless Cars Ltd of Slough, Buckinghamshire (1957-1960), and British Peerless Motor Co of Birmingham (1903) - see Disambiguation.
2. Rollo, mentioned above, is listed as a customer for Precision engines.

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