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Sharratt Motorcycles

Sharratt were motorcycles produced from 1920 to 1931 by John Sharratt of West Bromwich.

  • 1920 John Sharratt had previously been a cycle maker who made his first motorcycle in 1911, but after the Great War he went into production by assembling machines from bought-in parts. He used mainly JAP engines.

    1923 When the 147cc Aza two-stroke engine appeared, that was used, and gradually the range stretched from the 293cc single to the 996cc V-twin and included sporting models with ohv engines.

    1924 Production became more limited but continued for some years with Villiers and MAG engines sometimes being used alongside JAP.

    1930 The range had reduced to three models all with 346cc JAP engines - one sv and the other two ohv.

    1931 Only the OHV models continued for that year, after which motorcycle production ceased.

  • Note: The company then successfully turned to car dealing.

Source: Graces Guide

Tue, 15 Aug 2017
scottaminifie at
starrett ?
Do you know anything about the ' Starrett ' ( Not sure of the spelling ) motorcycle made in west bromwich west midlands , UK. , circa early-ish in the 20th C ?
scott minifie
west midlands United Kingdom

    There are reviews and history in the archives, not yet published. Ed.

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