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Slaney Motorcycles

Slaney was a motorcycle produced in 1920 by Slaney Engineering.

This machine was constructed around the 689cc sv flat twin Coventry-Victor engine.

The machine had originally been the product of H. H. Timbrell, also of Olton, who had marketed it briefly as the Bulldog.

Olympia Show 1920

Slaney at the Olympia Show

A machine which is built of standard components, is the Slaney, sold by the Slaney Engineering Co., Kyneton Road. Olton, Birmingham.

Its motive power is a Coventry Victor engine, modified by the company so as to get a better chain clearance by moving the carburetter on to the near side, and placing the exhaust pipes on the off side. The exhaust pipes lead into a long narrow expansion chamber running across the width of the vehicle, and in front of the footboard, from which there is an exit pipe on the near side. Other special features are the finger nut adjustment of the external expanding foot brake on the offside, a very large tank, wide mudguards, and the specially strengthened luggage carrier.

Olympia Show, The Motor Cycle, December 9th 1920.

Source: Graces Guide