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Bulldog Motorcycles

Brief History of the Marque: Bulldog

Manufactured by H. H. Timbrell of Central Garage, Olton, Birmingham

  • In July of 1920 the firm created the Bulldog motorcycle. The machine had a bought-in 689cc sv flat-twin Coventry-Victor engine; a carburettor from B and B and a magneto from Thomson-Bennett. These were fitted into conventional cycle parts with the addition of a three-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox with belt final-drive. Having been assembled from various parts the result was very stylish. It had a sloping top-tube and a black-painted tank to which red panels had been applied. A complete sidecar outfit was also reputedly available.

    As demand outstripped supply due to the post-war boom it should have been a resounding success, but after only three months the project passed to Slaney Engineering. The machine was then retailed under the Slaney name.

A Big Flat Twin.

Another new machine is the Bulldog, manufactured by H. H. Timbrell, of 59, Slaney Street, Birmingham. The frame is of conventional design with the exception of a special cradle for carrying the engine, which allows of a six-inch ground clearance, and is supported in front by duplex lubes from the head.

The engine is the 5-7 h.p. Coventry Victor flat twin, and is fitted with a T.-B. magneto, and B. and B. two-lever carburettor. No exhaust box is used, the gases being carried directly to the rear through long pipes.

Power is transmitted by enclosed chain to a standard Sturmey-Archer three-speed gear box, thence to the rear wheel by a Pedley belt.

The usual exhaust lifter is dispensed with, as we understand this is considered unnecessary.

Particular attention has been paid to the comfort of the rider, the mudguarding being well carried out; the front guard is deeply valanced, while that at the back is exceptionally wide. Long wide footboards give ample protection for the feet and allow a change of riding position.

The tank is finished in black with red panels and gold lines; it is of large capacity capable of carrying two and a half gallons of petrol and half a gallon of oil. Other features of the specification include Brampton Biflex forks, Best and Lloyd lubrication and Gough saddle. The price of the outfit is £180, and we are informed that G. F. Froome, Central Garage, Warwick Road, Olton, who is the sole selling agent, can give immediate delivery.

The Motor Cycle July 29th 1920. Page 182

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