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Waverley Motorcycles by F. M. Lee

Waverley 1912

The above machine, ridden by T. Green, won the Rudge cup in the Dublin and District M.C.C. 100 miles open handicap race on Portmarnock strand. The engine is a Waverley, an American production, measuring 3 3/8in. bore and stroke, and having overhead valves, auxiliary exhaust ports, and ball bearing crankshaft. The frame and fittings are by Chater-Lea.

Waverley were motorcycles produced by F. M. Lee of Liverpool, from 1910 to 1912.

  • 1910 A 3½ hp single plus 6hp and 8hp V-twins were listed. All had JAP engines, a variable gear, belt drive and sprung forks. They also offered an open-frame model, first built for a lady in Cheshire.

    1911 Those models continued.

    1912 A Waverley, with an American overhead-valve engine fitted in a Chater-Lea frame, won an Irish race. Little more was heard of it after that.

Source: Graces Guide

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