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Whippet Motorcycles 1903

Whippet Motor and Cycle Co

Whippet motorcycles were produced at Whippet Works, Falcon Terrace, Clapham Junction, London from 1903 to 1905. Two machines were exhibited at the late-1903 Crystal Palace show, fitted with a two-speed gear. This comprised two chain wheels of different diameters, fitted to the rear hub and a device to shift the drive chain from one to the other, just as on a bicycle. One machine was a solo fitted with an FN engine, the other a forecar powered by a 3¼ hp Aster engine.

A Two-speed Gear

is the principal feature to be found on the stands of the Whippet Motor and Cycle Co. (Nos. 63 and 64). A machine is shown fitted with an F.N. engine, the gear being enclosed in a case. On the same stand is shown a forecarriage with the gear exposed. It consists of a specially-constructed chain, which is provided with teeth engaging in corresponding recesses cut on the chain wheels. A sprocket on the back hub is provided with two different diameters of toothed wheels, and the chain is caused to slide from the one to the other by means of a striking bar. To enable the chain to again mount to the large diameter ring, a step is provided which eases the chain up without undue strain. The forecar is engined with a 3½ h.p. Aster, the usual fitments being provided for its efficient working and control. A specially designed and very-powerful brake is fitted to this machine, its chief point being the small amount of movement between the brake between on and off. (Stands 63-64.)

The Motor Cycle November 25th, 1903. p848
National Show 1903, Crystal Palace

N.B. This machine is not to be confused with the ill-famed Spagthorpe Whippet, nor with that of Hayward and Co. of Twickenham.

Source: Graces Guide

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