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Swallow Motorcycles of Manchester

Manufactured by Swallow Cycle and Motor Co, Eccles Road, Weaste, Manchester..

The firm was established in Salford by well-known cyclist Harry Reed in 1903.

It is not clear when motorcycle production began but there is a record of him winning a major motorcycle sprint race at Blackpool in 1906 on a "Swallow-Peugeot", by which time the firm was established in Manchester. The DOT name appeared in 1907 so it seems likely the Swallow marque existed for just a year or two.


Specialises on Racing Machines.

Our illustration is of the depot of the Swallow Cycle and Motor Co., Eccles Road, Weaste, Manchester. the proprieter of which, Mr. H. Reed, is to be seen standing in the doorway. Mr. Reed is an energetic and industrious man, and very attentive to his customers.

It is therefore not surprising to learn that the sales of Swallow pedal and motor cycles increase annually. The company make a speciality of racing machines and several local championships have been won on the Swallow. In addition to cycles and motors of their own make the Swallow Cycle and Motor Co. hold the agency for Wearwells.

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There is a book on Dot history by Ted Hardy which very possibly covers the Swallow.

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