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Henry Bauchet of Bethel

Henry Bauchet, of Bethel (Ardennes), is making a light car on popular lines. It can be fitted with any desired power of engine from five up to eight horse-power. The engine is placed forward, under a long bonnet, and the drive is through a clutch and a knuckle-jointed shaft to the rear axle. The two-seated car has a pair of bucket seats side by side, the driver's being on the right or "off" side, and having in front of it the inclined steering pillar and wheel steering, and all control levers handily situated. The tonneau back is supplied in a detachable form. Three speeds and reverse are provided, all actuated by a single lever, and there is ample brake power. Wood wheels are fitted, and every effort has been made to turn out a reliable machine, free from troubles and tricks. The chassis sells at about £120, according to engine power; whilst the completed car sells at from £170 upwards.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 31st, 1902. Page 387

N.B. Bauchet is mentioned in Bourdache; however, despite that and its inclusion in the article from Motor Cycling, above, there is no evidence that he built a motorcycle. Only 4-wheeled automobiles are discussed and pictured in available literature.