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Berthe Motor Bicycles

128 C. M. Berthe, Colombes, near Paris, is showing a couple of motor-bicycles, one having the engine in the Minerva position, and with no departure from accepted lines except that it has a spray carburetter. The other has the motor in a vertical position. Both patterns will be offered to the public through English agents. A brake acting on the belt pulley is shown. The Paree is one of the neatest and best designed spray carburetters we have yet seen. It is illustrated in the accompanying sketch, which shows the float and the counter-weighted point-feed. Above the jet is a gauze box, the air being drawn in from underneath. Above the projecting end of the point-feed is placed a cap to prevent dust entering, a very good feature. Various patterns of plugs are shown, chief among which is the Robuste, in which a deep recess is made on the porcelain to prevent short circuiting over any carbon deposit. Various accessories for cycles and motorcars are shown.

1902 Stanley Show in Motor Cycling, November 20th, 1902.