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Bourgery Motorcycles

A Motor-bicycle with petrol engine located behind the pedals constructed in Nogentle-Rotrou by M. Bourgery from 1896 until at least 1900. He had concieved the idea for the machine in 1893, at the tender age of 19.

Two of these, both dated c.1898, were part of the Guélon Collection. They are very similar, differing only with the lack of crankcase markings on one, presumed to be the earlier model. The other has J. Bourgery cast into the case on the right side, and the engine is rated at 1¾ h.p.

A period illustration shows "JB" cast into the crankcase.

Bourdache p431; Tragatsch p93 (he spells it Bougery)

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