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A Brief History of the Marque

Paul Bruneau & Cie was established in 1899.[1]

12 rue Victor Hugo, Tours

1901, Barret took part in the Critérium des Motocycles at the Parc-des-Princes with a Bruneau motocyclette and finished second in class in the 100 km race held in Paris in October.

1902. Motorcycle had the engine mounted above the pedal crank, driving the rear wheel by belt.

1903. The machine had the engine mounted low in the frame ahead of the pedal crank, and ran two chains - one for the pedals, the other for the engine. Watercooled cylinder head. The tank has several compartments for petrol, oil, coolant and battery. Caliper brakes front and rear.

1904 saw the introduction of a shaft drive machine which was a good deal more expensive than its chain-drive equivalents. The catalogue for that year included a tricar.

Their Type MH of c1905 had a liquid-cooled cylinder head, two radiators, and a fully enclosed, sealed chaincase which eliminated the need for pedal crank chain.

A machine with an enormous Buchet Rigal engine was capable of 125 km/h, and was exceedingly dangerous.

The BRUNEAU motorcyclette is constructed by P. Bruneau and Co., a´ Tours (Indre-et-Loire). It has a vertically-placed motor of 2 horse-power. The frame is of a good rigid design, with extra horizontal tube. The carburetter is of the spray type. The transmission of power is effected by a chain, and a clutch worked by a lever is fitted to the motor shaft. Ignition is by coil and accumulator. Duplicate front forks are fitted, and also two rim brakes. The petrol tank carries about 1¾ gallons of petrol, and 1¾ pints lubricating oil. A large silencer is fitted, and general finish is excellent. Price £38.

Motor Cycling magazine, Paris Salon, Dec 24th 1902

1. Has been referred to as Georges Paul Bruneau - this may be an error.
2. Herdtle and Bruneau of Paris appear unrelated.

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