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Chemineau Mopeds and Scooters


The marque was established in St Etienne around 1912 by cycling enthusiast Joanny Panel (Jean Baptiste Panel, working at RPF 1908-1912) with his friend Claudius Bouillier, building bicycles, derailleurs and weapons. The business thrived, in 1919 a new factory was built, and by the end of 1925 production was 4500 bicycles per annum.

The first mopeds appeared in 1952 powered by Le Poulain engines, and at the 1953 Paris Salon machines with Briban engines were added to the range. In the following years they used Junior, Comet Hanrez, Vap and Mistral two-strokes.

In 1956 they offered Bernardet scooters (Cabri and Jaguar) and also mopeds which were likely from the same source. Production ceased in 1957 or possibly 1958, the last of the range powered by Villiers 98cc two-strokes. Joanny Panel died in 1970.

Sources: Motos dans la Loire, tontonvelo.

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