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Cottereau Motorcycles


Louis Cottereau, a champion cyclist, formed the company in 1891.

1 Rue des Lentillères and route d'Auxonne, Dijon

Built motorcycles with Minerva engines (1904), and also A.Z. engines. In 1910 the company was bought by Terrot.

The firm also built bicycles and automobiles, both touring and competition.

In 1912 Cottereau became CID, Constructions Industrielles Dijonnaises (Anciens Establissements Cottereau), and built automobiles with engines from Buchet and others of 8 h.p. to 22 h.p. CID built a valveless engine with a rotating sleeve.

Bourdache (pp 146, 217, 320),,

Cottereau et Cie., Levallois and Paris.

In addition to numerous cars this firm shows a rather neat motor-bicycle. The tank is stowed away behind the saddle. The carburetter is the Swiss "Souvarain," magneto ignition is used, and the transmission is by belt.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 17th, 1902.

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