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Deprez Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Cycles et Motocyclettes Deprez
Usine Moderne: 187bis rue Armand Silvestre, Courbevoie
Magasin: 24, Rue Meslay, Paris (1928)

Founded in 1895, the firm built many bicycles along with a host of accessories including acetylene headlamps, tricycles, bicycle side-cars and the like.

An advertisement from 1928 offers a 175cc two-stroke with chain drive, Terry seat and Hutchinson 650x65 tyres.

The firm was still operating in 1937 at the Courbevoie address, offering motorcycles from Terrot, Peugeot, Automoto and others, along with sidecars from Vannod, Bufflier and Bernardet. Their catalogue was extensive (80 pages) and included leather apparel, sparkplugs, speedometers, lights, levers, tyres, hub brakes and racks along with a variety of Deprez bicycles. They were no longer offering motorcycles with their own brand.


1928 175cc
1928 100cc Vélo Moteur BMA pour Dames et Homme
1930s Aubier-Dunne 100cc BMA
2½ hp 2-speed with LMP or Mousard engine.