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J. Carreau Motorcycles

93 avenue des Ternes, Paris
Motocyclettes with engines by De Dion 1½ hp et 1¾ hp, built by J. Carreau in 1902

Source: Bourdache pp 69, 92, 98, 99
N.B. See notes on "Garreau".

J. CARREAU, 93, Avenue des Ternes, Paris, shows a motor-bicycle, in which the motor is placed vertically in a loop frame. This is known as the No. 2 Model, and can be supplied with a De Dion or Aster motor of 1¾ or 2¾ horse-power. The machine illustrated has a water-cooled head. A spray carburetter is used, and high tension ignition is fitted. Drive is by means of a flat belt. The carburetter is of the float feed spray type. Two brakes are supplied, viz., a back-pedalling band brake and a front rim brake. The price of the smallest power, 2¾ horse-power, machine, is £30, and the higher powered machine, which can be had with or without pedals, is £44.

Motor Cycling magazine, Paris Salon, Dec 24th 1902

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