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J. B. Louvet Motorcycles

J. B. Louvet

8-10-12, rue Eugene-Eichenberter, Puteaux.

Manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles established 1913.

The firm also traded as Jean Louvet in Neuilly from 1920, and in 1927 they were selling Automoto cycles and motorcycles. An undated machine branded Jean Louvet is identical to the 175 MF Automoto.

Better known for his post-WWI productions up to the beginning of the 1930s, the JB Louvet of 1913 is a 2¾ hp (327 cc) machine with magneto ignition and automatic lubrication.

Jean-Baptiste Louvet, born 1876, won a bronze medal at the 1900 Olympic Games in a 2km cycle race, and in 1902 finished third in the Champion de France de Vitesse.

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