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LMP Engines 2T & 4T

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: Rue de la Pointe, Romainville, by Lalo, Mignonac & Poinsard (also Lalo, Mignonac).

LMP engines were fitted to Austral, C.P. Roleo, Jean Thomann, Juery, La Francaise, Lucifer, Styl'son, SMAC, Utilia and others.

They built two-stroke engines of 175cc & 250cc, and OHV four-strokes of 250, 350 and 500cc.

Austral fitted LMP OHV 350cc & 500cc engines, and 175cc & 250cc two-strokes. Poinsard-LMP was their main engine supplier until 1929.

New Map employed LMP four-stroke OHV engines from 1926.

DFR used 175cc and 250cc LMP engines in the 1920s.

Ducom fitted 350cc LMP two-strokes to their front-wheel-drive Tri-Car commercials.

The company had a partnership with Labor building agricultural equipment including tractors, the first of which was produced in 1950 with a 630cc engine.

It is possible they also built complete motorcycles at some stage.

LMP Motorcycle Engines include:

  • A1 175cc Touriste
  • A1S 175cc Sport, twin-port
  • B1 250cc Sport
  • C1 250cc Touriste
  • C1S 250cc Sport, twin-port
  • D1 350cc Touriste
  • D1S 350cc Sport, twin-port
  • 500cc Sport, twin-port

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