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Société HO, rue Alexandre Bachelet, Saint-Ouen, Seine-Saint-Denis

French roadracer Eric Offenstadt developed an unusual frame and front end for his GP racers. He and Bernard Houzé set up the Houzé-Offenstadt company in Saint-Ouen in the 1970s with plans to build an entirely French motorcycle for 350 and 500 cc grand prix racing.

The site includes a January 1972 Moto-Journal article about Offenstadt. The introduction reads,

"Project Geco is the brain child of Eric Pepe Offenstadt, who leads a small, but highly enthusiastic, development team. Geco is also the result of countless years of painstaking research in the motorcycle suspension industry, blended with automotive experience gained in the high-performance Formula 2 and Formula 3 racing. Geco is the sport bike that changes architecture."


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