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Royal Fabric Motorcycles

Royal Fabric
L'Établissements Barbier of 34 Rue du 11 Novembre, Saint-Étienne, the firm was established in 1910 by J.B. Barbier as a bicycle manufacturer. Motorcycles were built from around 1924 to 1928 using Blackburne, Brouiller 175cc and JAP 250cc, 350cc and 500cc engines.

As a result of the financial crisis, in 1931 the firm became insolvent and Royal Fabric and another of the Barbier marques, Mécano, were both sold to the Simon brothers of Objat in Corrèze. The Royal Fabric brand was retained, and another, the Royal (Objat) was created.

In the Post-war years the Simon brothers built mopeds and light motorcycles under the names Royal Fabric, Mécano and Marvi powered by Villiers, VAP, VLT and Junior.

The firm exported to Indo-China (Vietnam), and had considerable involvement in bicycle racing throughout most of its existence.


1928 Type A, 175cc Brouilleres [sic] 3 speed, 2-stroke.
1928 Type P, 250cc JAP 3-speed 4-stroke.
1928 Type Super Sport, 350cc JAP 3 speed 4 stroke "double berceaux".
1952: 100cc Villiers
1952-1959: Mopeds with Vap 48cc and Junior 49cc engines, single and 2 speed.

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