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SIC Motorcycles (S.I.C.)

Manufactured by Motos SIC, Societe Industrielle et Commerciale Cycle, 176 boulevarde Asnières (Seine) and also of Paris, 1921-1925, their motorcycles used 98cc to 346cc engines from Aubier Dunne, Zurcher, Train and others. A 169cc belt-drive lightweight was powered by DKW, and there is mention of a Suquet engine.

A catalogue published in 1924 displays only models fitted with DKW engines - 3hp 2 speed with pressed-metal frame (Type "Audax), 2hp with pedals, 3 hp 2 speed with tubular frame, 3 hp single speed with tubular frame and pedals, and a 2hp scooter, (Type "car").

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