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Vitrex Microcars

Jaques Riboud was behind several prototype voiturettes designed for personal urban transport, but these did not gain market penetration.

In the mid-70s they marketed the Snuggy microcar which was designed by Autozodiaco and built in Italy where it was sold as the Charly.

First built in 1974, the Riboud model was manufactured at Marland SARL. Built in buggy style, with no roof, it was available with both three and four wheels. Powered by a 47cc Sachs two-stroke, it weighed just 100kg and was 195cm long. At 6,430 francs it was the cheapest car in France in 1979.

The firm also built a version of the Addax, previously built by SECAM. These were tricycles with 47cc and 50cc engines.

In 1979 a 4-wheel version of the Addax was introduced named the Gildax. Few of these were produced.

In 1980 the Garbo two-seater powered by a 49cc Peugeot appeared at the Paris Salon with an enclosed body offered space for two people. This was later produced by MDP Transmission of Neaufles St Martin and sold as the Puma. (1981-82)

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