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Established in 1995, Voxan was based in Issoire in Puy-de-Dôme until 2009. They were well-known for their 996cc 72° V-twin engines. The Boxer SSR is based on the Voxan V-Twin.

In 2010, Gildo Pallanca Pastor of Venturi Automobiles announced the takeover of Voxan which had been in liquidation since December 2009. Subsequently the firm began developing electric motorcycles.

In 2013, Wattman, the first electric motorcycle developed in Monaco, was born. In October 2020 the Wattman broke eleven world speed records with Italian motorcycle rider Max Biaggi at the helm. The following year Biaggi and the Wattman took 21 world records at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Sources:; Voxan Motors.

RayArmstrong53 at
Voxan Scrambler
I saw this Voxan among the bikes visiting the NW200 yesterday. It looks new and a really nice bike. Can you tell me more.
Raymond Armstrong
United Kingdom

Wed May 01 2013
voxan street scrambler
Hi just bought a street scrambler. Anyone know where I can get data, manual or spares from? anyone else got one? just any info at all appreciated. Regards Moz

Tue Dec 25 2012
herman.verstraaten AT
I have several Voxans. I would like to change expierences from the bikes
Posted in the French motorcycle forums.

Mon Dec 19 2011
Voxan Cafe racer 1000
Hallo. I have a voxan 1000cafeRacer (number 13). I want to sell it.  Perfect and The km are 8700. Thank you.

Voxan-Caferacer-Italy-1.jpg posted 1112

Fri Nov 18 2011
voxan cafe racer
voxan cafe racer
Hi my name is John i recently brought a voxan cafe racer as good as new i was looking on the voxan web site found your email address. I would like to find out more info about the voxan any help you can give me would be much appreciated.i am interested to finding out how many are in the U K, how to understand the frame number if age or year are in the frame number. any info you can forward to me will be of much help looking forward to hearing from you soon and thanks for your time John

Sun Dec 23 2007
kenjamesmoore at btconnect dot com
voxan cafe racer
cafe racer
looking for an english manuel du conducteur
north devon

Manuel du conducteur - Riders's manual
Books, Manuals & Wiring Diagrams here

Wed Dec 12 2007
tvanemburgh at hotmail dot com
not sure yet
To whom this may concern,

pls contact me or give me a contact # for you . I am trying to locate a Voxan dealer.
miami, fl;

There does not appear to be a US importer as yet. Ed.

Tue Jan 30 2007
jeff at
Limited Edition French motorcycle
Voxan Boxer VB1 Sport
If you know anyone who ids looking for a mint example of this limited edition french hand built bike then contact me as I have one for sale. Email for full details
Oxford England
Please see attached the standard spec for this limited edition bike, which I have owned from new.

I bought it direct from the French "Boxer" Factory in October 2001 and rode it back to the UK, where is was registered with plate V2VDX. (V2 VOX)

The bike is based on the Voxan Café Racer, sharing its frame, 72 degree 995cc V Twin Engine, suspension, brakes and running gear.

The bike was styled by British Designer Glynn Kerr, who has produced the stunning look.

Only 30 of these bikes were ever made, mine being No 00025. It is therefore now a "collectors" item.

Since owning the bike, I have removed the French 100 bhp restriction on the engine (easy) fitted titanium underseat exhausts, uprated the ECU and brakes (all by specialists)

The bike has been great to own as it turns heads wherever it goes, there being only one other in the UK to my knowledge.

It is also great to ride as it handles, has plenty of power, and sound gorgeous.

As I own many other bikes, I have only covered 3,500 miles on the VB1, so it is still like new.

There is now a UK dealer appointed for Voxan Bikes, ( at so spares should not be a problem, although to date the bike has been 100% reliable.

More info can be obtained from the MCN Website, (road test available) from

There is also a dedicated Voxan Owners Club in France, which can also be access from the Website.

I hope that the above is helpful, but should you require more info, please let me know.

Kind regards

Voxan Boxer VB1 Sport.jpg
Voxan Boxer VB1 Sport

May 21, 2000
The obvious question. How much is it and how can we get one in the States ?
I want the cafe racer so bad it makes my palms sweat. -- Rob Day  -- day.3 at

May 14, 2000
I am looking for a Voxan Boxer VB1 sportsbike. If you have any further information on where I can find one or any spects on this bike I would love to have them. -- Thanks -- Shawn Porter -- SNDPorter at

April 21, 2000
I've had mine for 10 months ! It is the number 87.
I'am a biker since 10 years and I am happy to say that the best motorcycles I have buy. After different Japanese models and some European model only DUCATI give me the same pleasure !
If you want more details you can contact me at: -- CHAMBERAUD YANN -- YCHAMBERAUD at

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