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Aristos 1924 Motorcycle
This machine has the same zebra paintwork as both the Menos and Sterna.

1922-1924 Aristos Motorfahrzeug-Werke GmbH, Berlin
1923-1924 Menos Werke AG, Berlin
1922-1924 Sterna Motorfahrzeug GmbH, Berlin

Designed by Johannes Pässler in 1922, the Aristos had a box-like, welded frame (possibly by Mars) and a 614cc flat-twin water cooled engine. The Aristos was a good looking machine, but due to some weak points in design and the dreadful economic situation only a few were sold. (In 1923 one U.S. dollar was worth 4.2 trillion Reichsmarks and Germany was printing 100 Million Mark notes. A loaf of bread had risen from a quarter Reichsmark in 1918 to 80 billion in November 1923.)

The Aristos pictured above is identical in all but badge to the Menos image in Tragatasch on page 207 and the Sterna on p276. All have box-like radiators on both sides of the rear wheel and the zebra paint scheme.

Sources: Hartmut Schouwer, Tragatsch, et al.

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