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Heidemann Motorcycles

Heidemann manufactured lightweights under the HWE (Heidemann Werke Einbeck) marque from 1949 to 1953.

Heidemann-Werke KG, established in Einbeck in the early 1900s as a bicycle manufacturer, built motorcycles with JLO and Sachs engines up to 125cc. 50cc mopeds were built until 1957, also using Sachs and JLO engines.

Around 1954 they introduced the Baronia brand, under the company name Baronia Fahrzeugfabrik. These mopeds were also powered by Sachs and JLO and were built until 1955. Another brand name they used was Dirigent, probably only used for bicycles.

After moped production ceased Heidemann continued in the bicycle trade until 1992 when their focus shifted to other fields.

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