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Hulla Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Founded by Heinrich Helms and Heinrich Ulrich, Hulla Fahrzeugwerke für Kleinmotoren operated from 1923 to 1932 in Hagen im Bremischen, building lightweight motorcycles fitted with DKW two-strokes up to 298cc and sidevalve 296cc JAP engines, and from 1928 199cc and 250cc DKW. Only about 100 of the JAP-powered machines were built.

They also supplied chassis components to other marques, among them Lloyd of the Netherlands. The firm at its peak employed some 80 people, and in 1925 they celebrated the production of their 1000th motorcycle - everyone had the day off. In total, Hulla produced around 6,500 machines.

Ulrich left the company and in the difficult times of the late 20s Helms, who suffered from the effects of gas poisoning during the war, struggled to keep the company afloat. They were bankrupted in 1929 (as were so many others) but continued to produce machines on a relatively limited basis. Helms died of his illness in 1931.

It is believed that some 14 examples of the Hulla marque remain.

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