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Mayrette Three-wheelers


Manufactured by Karl Mayr, Munich, Schleissheimer Straße 294[1]

Built delivery three-wheelers (Dreirad) using 200cc JAP four-strokes beginning in 1924 and into the 1930s named Mayrette.

In 1921 he formed the Maja-Werk firm in partnership with 2 or 3 others which built Mayr Kleinstkraftwagen (cyclecars) powered by BMW 500cc twins. Production of these ceased around 1924, but the Mayrette three-wheelers continued until at least 1932. [2]


Am 19. 9. 32 unternahm der Inhaber der Spezialfabrik Karl Mayr, München, mit seiner 200-ccm-Mayrette-Sport einen Angriff auf den gefürchteten, zirka 30% steilen Katschberg.

Der Angriff gelang ihm auch glänzend, obgleich der 4-Takt-Jap-Motor weder Wasser- noch Gebläsekühlung hatte. Diese Leistung dürfte wohl als besonders glänzend betrachtet werden, denn es handelt Sich um ein serienmäßiges, mit ganz normaler übersetzung ausgestattetes Fahrzeug.


On September 19, 32, the owner of the special factory Karl Mayr, Munich, undertook an attempt on the dreaded Katschberg 30% hill with his 200 ccm Mayrette sport.

He succeeded in the attack brilliantly, despite the 4-stroke JAP engine having neither water- nor fan-cooling. This achievement should probably be regarded as quite exceptional, because it is a standard vehicle equipped with normal transmission.

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1. Address possibly incorrect.
2. Several conflicting accounts of Maja-Werk are given by usually reliable sources. Notes at give the strongest version.

Sources: Axel Oskar Mathieu Archive,, et al.

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