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Meteor Motorcycles

There were two German marques of the same name made in the same period.

1. 1924-1926 - Meteor Elektrotechnische & Fahrzeugfabrik GmbH of Hanover built lightweights using 172cc two-stroke engines possibly supplied by the Thomann concern of Nanterres, says one source. However, there is an entry for Thumann which gives a more likely scenario.

2. 1925-1926 - Hugo and Paul Nimitz of Motorenwerke Meteor, Stettin, Mittwochstraße 18-20, built basic motorcycles with 185cc sidevalve engines built in limited numbers.

An advertisment for the firm reads in part, "liefert eigene 2 1/2 PS Motoren, - Type I mit ohne Getriebe, - Type II mit Krauskupplung, Type III mit separaten 2 Gang-Getriebe, - Die Motoren werden lose, sowie in kompletten Motorrädern geliefert."

(Translation: delivers its own 2 1/2 hp engines, - Type I with no transmission, - Type II with friction clutch, Type III with separate 2-speed transmission, - The engines are supplied loose, as well as in complete motorcycles.)

NB. The German FB marque had machines with the Meteor brand on the tank. There was also a Meteor built in Prague, and quite a number of others built elsewhere - see Disambiguation.

Sources: Tragatsch p208, OTTW.

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