German Motorrad

Mota, Motra and Metzger & Schlegel Motorcycles

Mota Wiesel
Manufactured by Mota-Maschinenbau GmbH of Nagold 1948-1952
Scooters with their own engines of 50cc to 100cc
Formed by Wolfgang Schlegel as Motra Maschinenbau in 1946, then renamed to Mota-Maschinenbau, the firm became Metzger & Schlegel KG in 1954.
Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, (EN).

Metzger & Schlegel
Metzger & Schlegel K.G., Fellbach, Eppinger Straße 5a. Built from 1955 to 1959, the Motte scooter used 50c to 120cc engines of their own manufacture. Possibly also produced a machine named Moto-Sport.
Source: GTU Oldtimerservice, (NIT)

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