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Manufactured by August Rabeneick GmbH, Fahrad & Motorradfabrik
Frierichsdorfer Straße 80, Brackwede
1930s-1959 ¹

August Rabeneick was an intrepid fellow. He founded a small manufacturing company in 1930 in the township of Brackwede near Bielefeld (Westfalen) which built bicycles.

Later he produced lightweight motorcycles using F&S engines of 100cc to 175cc before entering a relationship with ILO, rebranding their engines as his own.


In 1954 he contracted with Cyclemaster of England to use their engine on motorised bicycles - the nameplate still read "Cyclemaster", but it said Made in Germany rather than Made in England, and a Radbeneick logo replaced the original.

Prior to that, in 1953 Rabeneick made a version of the Norman Cyclemate named the M53, with belt drive rather than chain, wtih Bosch ignition and a Rabeneick logo on the magneto cover.

During that period built mopeds with Sachs, JLO, Zundapp and Rabeneick engines.

They also produced the F-250/2 JLO twin-cylinder 250cc model with plunger rear suspension and a solo saddle, and used 98cc or smaller Sachs engines in the mopeds and scooters.

Rabeneick rebranded the shaft-drive Universal 500cc boxer twin and advertised this as the SM500 in 1952 or 1953. Their mopeds were marketed as Binetta in the UK from c1956 to 1961. The late 50s saw the introduction of the 100cc Sachs-engined LM series, a very clean-looking lightweight with Earles front forks, swinging arm rear suspension and enclosed chainguard, and deeply valanced mudguards. Later models had a dual seat, telescopic forks and a different frame.

There was a prototype Rabeneick Opti-engined 250cc built around 1955. The factory closed shortly thereafter ¹ and was bought by Hercules in the early 1960s, who sold some of their own products under the Rabeneick brand, and vice-versa - for instance the Lastboy, which Hercules marketed into the 1980s.

Models include:

    Binetta (1955-57)

    Binetta III Touren (1957-61)


    Binetta III Sport (1957-60)

    Binetta SK/SKF (1961-64)

    Binetta Star (1959-61)

    Binetta Superstar (1960-62)

    Binetta Super 4 (1962)

    Binetta Super 5 (1963-65)

    Ilo-Moped (1953-55)

    Lastboy (1960-64)

    LM 100 (1957-58)

    LM 102 Sport (1950)

    LM 104

    M 53 (1953-54) Norman Cyclemate

    R 50 (1963-64)

    R 50 Super (1963-64)

    Sachs-Moped (1953-55)

    Saxonette (1962-65)

    Saxonette Super (1965)

    SM500 (1953) Rebadged Universal boxer

    Taxi (1951-53)

    TM 50 Transport (1956-60)

    D150 (1951-52)

    GD150 (1952)

Sources: Farben-Schiessl,, et al.

1. Dates of final closure differ between sources. 1956, 1959 or 1961. Post-1960 seems most likely.

sgrooms11 at
1952 Rabeneick German Sachs
I am trying to find replacement parts for a 1952 Rabeneick 147cc motorcycle. I need a reed (sp?) valve located in the head.
Susan Grooms
United States

Mon, 12 Feb 2018
leigh-miller at
Rabeniek 1951

Do you have a Mahle piston and rings for sale? I see one pictured on your site. I appreciate your help. Best regards Leigh Miller
Leigh Miller
Mequon USA

  • I believe there is a dealer in Germany who makes replica Mahle pistons.

Tue Oct 11 2016
caldas at
Rabeneick Price
Rabeneick 175 175 Twin JLO Motor
I have a Rabeneick 175 JLO motor. what is the average price to sale for this moto?

Thu Oct 22 2015
scfoxman at
1951 Rabeneick - Need Motor
Rabeneick 150 CC
Seeking period correct motor for 1951 Rabeneick. Originally was 150cc ILO/JLO, but equally interested in Sachs. Thanks

Thu Mar 26 2015
tony at
Rabenick 150cc
I have a Rabenick 150cc for sale runner but needs restoration

Tue Sep 23 2014
peter_anthony_98 at
Rabeneik Binetta de luxe circa 1958
I have Been given 50 cc moped in more or less complete condition, but previous restoration was dreadful mess. I need wiring, control cables and lots of help on how to get it going

Tue Jun 10 2014
mcortesb- at
generador para rabaneick 250cc 1956
generador rabaneick 250 cc 1956 rabaneick 250cc 1956
amigos necesito un generador para mi moto rabaneick 250cc 1956
copiapo chile

Sun Nov 24 2013

August Rabeneick fabrink nr f II 800011
I'm not a motorcycle enthusiast yet, but I have inherited a motorcycle.  I have done some research but have found little information. I'm looking for info on parts and value. Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Sat Jan 05 2013
I have three engines jlo 200 cc, parts for 250cc two cilinder jlo , with te two sachs engines 175 cc and one rabeneick for restauration...
Ghent Belgium
Posted in the German motorcycle forum

Sun Dec 12 2010
bolche1917<at>yahoodot com
August Rabeneick
August Rabeneick 250 j.lo engine
hello,how much money can go an August rabeneick 1951 in good condition on the international market.this one has a 250 cc engine j.lo.
i would like to know price range.
Thank you very much.

Fri Sep 12 2008
craigson2 at aoldot com
Rabeneick CM 32 Motorized Bicycle
Rabeneick CM 32
Please send information on this bicycle and on the motor. Thank you.

Mon Jun 12 2006
papatermite at aoldot com
motorized bicycle
rabeneick cm32
would like some info on this bike if possible

Thu Feb 02 2006
christian at
Update of my previous Message 5 years ago
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I personally own a Rabeneick Motorcycle from 1954 and I compiled a private website with some material about it. If you like, you can set a link from your page to my website, which is: (404)
Best regards -- Christian

January 1, 2003
Forward, my english is not so well. I also have a motorcycle Rabeneick, 175 ccm, 8,2 PS, Bj. 1952. But it needs some restore. But for that I need to have some links for information and spare parts. Perhaps somebody visit this page to tell me some links. Thanks. -- klugrola at

April 6, 2002
My name is Nuno Silva and I'm a Portuguese young fellow with 25 years old and I acquired a German old bike called Rabneick from 1952 witch was equipped originally with a Fichel & Sachs 150 cc motor that need some restore. But for that I need to have some links for information and spare parts. I hope that next time I visit your page I find some link. Thanks. -- rui.silva at

December 4, 2001
I have a 1950's Rabeneick bicycle with a German made "cyclemaster" engine on the rear wheel. It has a Meco carburetor that is broken and need of replacement or repair. I am looking for ANY information on spare parts, manuals, documentation and contacts for repair work.
My email address is: "Ice124man at aoldot com "
Thank You,
Chuck McGinnis
552 S. Golden Key St.
Gilbert, Az. 85233 U.S.A.

September 9, 2000
Tengo una moto Rabeneick 1953 250cc. Necesito informacion, direcciones, fotos, catalogos ya que en Argentina no hay nada. La moto funciona correctamente.
Muchas gracias
Adriana -- Argentina -- adrianab at

From Sheldon: My best translation:
I have a Rabeneick 1953 250cc. I need information, directions, photos, catalogs, because in Argentina no one has any. Motor runs well. Thank you very much Adriana -- Argentina -- adrianab at

Rabeneick 1953 250cc.jpg
Rabeneick 1953 250cc

August 2, 2000
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I personally own a Rabeneick Motorcycle from 1954 and I compiled a private website with some material about it. If you like, you can set a link from your page to my website, which is: [404]
Best regards -- Christian De Graeve -- Christian.De-Graeve at

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