Greeves Motorcycles

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Greeves Models

Greeves models include:

  • 1954 20D De-Luxe 197cc Road, Villiers 8E
    1954 20R Standard 197cc Road, Villiers 9E
    1954 25D Fleetwing 247cc Road, British Anzani
    1954 20T Trials, introduced at Earls Court.
    1954 20S Scrambles 197cc Villiers 8E
    1955 20D De-Luxe 197cc Road, Villiers 9E
    1956 Fleetmaster, British Anzani two-stroke twin.
    1956-63 Greeves Sports Twin
    1954-58 Greeves Fleetwing Road twin cylinder two-stroke. Nacelle headlight, flat bars, Earles forks.
    1958 Greeves Scottish Trials
    1960 Greeves Hawkestone Scrambler
    1962 Sports Twin 250cc 25DC Mk1
    1963 24TES Scottish
    1963-68 250cc Silverstone, Villiers 36A and Greeves/Albion M50 engines.
    1964 24TFS Trials
    1965-1968 Challenger 360cc
    1965 250cc Essex & Sportsman Twins
    1966 Anglian (24TGS). The Anglian used the Villiers 37A engine which has an alloy barrel and head made by Greeves.
    1967 Anglian (24THS)
    1968 Wessex 250cc Trials, Villiers 37A, around 120 built.
    1969 Griffon 250cc & 380cc Griffon motocross
    East-Coaster Villiers Twin road, Earles forks
    1971 Pathfinder Trials, 169cc Puch type M59
    City Patrol Police Model 24DF, 246cc Villiers 37A
    1968 Oulton Road racer 346cc Greeves Albion engine
    1971-1975 QUB Scrambler 380cc Greeves Type M65

Sources: Graces Guide, Bonhams, et al.