New Beeston Cycle Co

Founded in Coventry by Harry Lawson, the firm traded from 1896 to 1910. Advertising of the period suggests they built the Beeston Motor Tricycle, and the New Beeston Motor Cycle of 1896.

Harry Lawson had a licence to build the De Dion engine, and co-operated with Humber in the early days.

N.B. There was also a New Beeston bicycle built in Groningen, Holland, by J. Bronda as early as 1888.


In our leading article on motor cycle machine guns, which appeared in our issue of September 18th, reference was made to the vehicle used by Mr. F. R. Simms at the Richmond Automobile Show, held by the then Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland. By the courtesy of Mr. F. K. Simms, who was one of the founder members of the above-named body, now the Royal Automobile Club, and its first vice-chairman, we are enabled to reproduce a picture of the Beeston quadricycle upon which the Maxim gun was mounted. It was built by the Beeston Motor Cycle Co., of Coventry, to the specification of Mr. Simms, who was certainly the pioneer of the armoured motor vehicle, as in 1902 he constructed for Messrs. Vickers, Son and Maxim an armour-plated war car for coast and road defence and street fighting, and also an armour- plated motor railway inspection car for the same firm.

The Motor Cycle, 1914.

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